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Scene 1: The Funeral

Alex’s parents funeral. Everyone is in a huddle around the grave. Everyone apart from Alex begins to walk away. Alex Is staring at the ground. Eventually, his carer comes over to console him.

Steve: You’ve been standing there for half an hour now, Alex. I know you’re sad but you cant stay here forever.

Alex: Go away, Steve.

Steve: I’m supposed to be your carer, Alex. If you don’t let me help you i’m not doing my job. Now, come on.

Alex: Okay. Just let me say goodbye.

Steve: Fine. Just five more minutes.

Scene 2: The Blind Home

In the reception of the blind home. The care worker is holding a clip board, saying a speech she has said a million times before.

Care worker: (annoyed, like she doesn’t really care) Welcome to the blind home –

Alex: I’m not blind, I’m going blind.

Care worker: Yeah, but you will be blind wont you (sensitively) Let’s get things straight. Your parents died two weeks ago, correct?

Alex: (looks down sadly) Correct.

Care worker: (emphasising “going” sarcastically) And your going blind?

Alex: (verging on tears) Yeah.

Care worker: Right. The rules. Lights out at 8pm, no leaving the house without permission, no shouting, no running, and no annoying the fully-blind people. Now, move.

Scene 3: The Bedroom

Alex knocks on the door tentatively. Inside the room is a skinny boy with a nerdy, intelligent look about him. Johnny. Johnny looks up and smiles gently.

Johnny: Did she give the introduction of a life time?

Alex: (still looking at the ground, sadly) Something like that.

Johnny: (trying to cheer Alex up) She’s a right female dog isn’t she?

Alex: (smiling, slightly) Yeah, she is.

Johnny: I’m Johnny, the sanest person here.

ALEX: Alex. Nice to meet you.

Scene 4: The Murder

The lights are almost completely off. We see the Care Worker walking across the stage mumbling under her breath and sweeping the floor. She walks off the stage and screams.


Lights come back on. A second care worker – Margaret – is walking across the stage looking around to see what the noise is.

Margaret: Julie? Julie?! (getting louder) Julie?

She walks off-stage. We hear her scream.

Scene 5: The Police

Policeman 1: And you didn’t see anyone else?

Margaret: (on the verge of tears) There was no one else there, but… Well you know Julie.

Policeman 2: And you’re sure you saw what you thought you saw?

Margaret: I’m sure. She was definitely murdered.

Police Man 1: Can you excuse us for a second, please?

Margaret: Of course.

The police men walk to the other side of the stage.

Policeman 1: She’s our only witness, and there’s no proof she didn’t commit the murder…

Policeman 2: I totally agree.

Policeman 1: Let’s do this.

The policemen walk back over to Care Worker 2.

Police man 1: Margaret Brown, I am arresting you on the suspicion of murder. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

Margaret: (in disbelief) What? I didn’t do anything! (frantically) It wasn’t me!

The policemen begin dragging Margaret away. She is shouting.

Margaret: (shouting) It wasn’t me!

Scene 6: The Bedroom

The next morning. Alex is in bed, Johnny shakes Alex awake and seems strangely giddy. Alex is tired and groans at the fact that he has been woken up early.

Johnny: Wake up! Wake up!

Alex: What?

Johnny: It’s Margaret, she’s been arrested!

Alex: (sitting up straight) Wait, what!? What was she arrested for?

Johnny: Murder.

Alex: (shouting) You what?!

Johnny: She wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Alex: Then why was she arrested? She obviously couldn’t have done it!

Johnny: Well the police certainly think so…

Alex: Who did she apparently kill?

Johnny: Julie.

Alex: There is no way Margaret she could have killed Julie; she’s massive!!

Johnny: I know, but the police are certain.

Alex: Well, we’ll have to change that, won’t we.

Johnny: (confused) What do you mean?

Alex: (getting out of bed) You’ll see..

Scene 7: The Interrogation

The policemen are interrogating Margaret Brown in an interrogation room. Margret looks sad as the police ask her questions. They’re playing good cop bad cop.

Police man 1: Margaret Brown, where were you at the time of the murder?

Margaret: I was around the corner, and that’s where I heard her scream.

Police man 1: How come no-one else heard then? I mean, if I was about to be killed I would scream like mad. Surely someone else would have heard?

Margaret: There were three of us on duty and I let Sue have an early night because she was tired, so every one else – apart from me and Julie – was asleep.

Policeman 1: (aggressively) That’s awfully convenient, isn’t it?

Policeman 2: Calm down, mate.

Policeman 1:  Fine. (he stands up quickly and storms away from the table. He stands in the corner) Do it your way!

Policeman 2: Alright Margaret, the reason you were arrested is that you were our only suspect, do you understand?

Margret: Yes.

Policeman 2: So unless we find another suspect, within a week or so, we are going to have to charge you.