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Scene 1

In a small forest near his house, Greg is walking home. He’s had a rubbish day, as usual.

Bully 1: Oi oi. Who do we have here?

Bully 2: Art boy.

Bully 3: Yeah, art boy, you get me? Look at this retard and his patterned bag.

Bully 1 snatched Greg’s bag and throws it in the river. Greg almost jumps in after it, but his bag has already sunk.

Bully 2: Aren’t you gonna get it?

Greg: (crying) My gran made me that with love!

Bully 1: Well my mum died of a heroine overdose. She never loved me… art boy.

Greg slips and falls into the river. He climbs out, shivering. The bullies laugh.

Bully 1: C’mon, let’s go.

Bully 3: Yeah, lets go.

Greg struggles to breath as he begins to walk home. It starts to rain.

Scene 2

Greg’s final day of school.

Bully 1: Nice knowing ya.

Bully 2 pushes Greg into the wall.

Greg: Sorry am a loser…

Scene  3

Greg has dropped out of college so he can pursue his dream. He is in his house with Michelle. His phone rings.

Michelle: Where’s my phone?

Greg: I’ll get it