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Once upon a time there lived a beautiful queen called Roseabell and she lived in a castle. Across the Mirror Realm there are the St Ann’s Allotments. Roseabelle enters a competition to grow the biggest vegetable in the garden and sees the wicked witch Maleficent giving an evil look. Some zombies come out of nowhere and capture Roseabell. She was frightened. She called someone to rescue her in her mind, and they came in a flash. Roseabelle was safe, but the evil queen got away so Roseabell and her friends ran after her. They caught up with her. Maleficent pointed her wand and cast a spell on Roseabelle’s friends and turned them all into evil slug zombies. Luckily they were very small and couldn’t hurt anyone.

Maleficent created a wonderland and put challenges there for Roseabell to finish. It took Roseabell found herself in the middle of nowhere, until she found a ladder and she climbed up it and saw the witch. Roseabell ran towards her and jumped on her while calling her guards with her mind powers and pouring a bucket of water on her. Maleficent turned into a very slow sloth and when she wanted to cast a spell on Roseabell, nothing happened because her wand had become a stick. Maleficent was so sad she turned into evil dust. Roseabell put some of the evil dust in a jar. 500 zombies popped out of the ground for battle. Roseabell won the battle and they all went home safely.


Roseabell receives a note saying “I inform you about a competition and we thought if you could join and compete, there will be the best competitive people to compete in. Hope you come. From, the Fruit Factory.”

Roseabell: I’m so happy that they want me to enter the competition!

Roseabell is walking to the competition, when suddenly she sees Maleficent.

Maleficent: I have lured you into my trap.

Roseabell: What trap? Nothing is happening to me, and I’m not going anywhere.

Maleficent: Why didn’t anything happen to you? You were supposed to fall into some spikes and have a tragic death!

Roseabell: Well shame, cos nothing happened to me.

Maleficent: You shouldn’t have said that, little girl!

Maleficent pulls lever and Roseabell falls into a big hole that gets smaller every minute.

Roseabell: Ha! This is a silly trap; I can get out of this hole in no time.

Maleficent: No… No you can’t, you fool!

Roseabell jumps straight out of the hole. Maleficent is confused because her plan didn’t work. Roseabell runs straight towards the Mirror Realm. Maleficent follows her.

Roseabell: Oh no! She’s following me to the Mirror Realm!

Roseabell and Maleficent going through the Mirror Realm. They travelled through worlds and landed in the St Ann’s Allotments.

Maleficent: Where are we?

Roseabell: How did we get here?