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Scene One

Charlotte and Konrad are sitting on the sofa watching TV with Nana Margret.

Charlotte: Nanna would you like a tea or coffee?

Nana Margret: Oohh, yes please! Coffee, two sugars, and no milk.

Charlotte looks at Konrad and smiles sarcastically.

Konrad: Can I have a tea?

Charlotte: Get up and get it yourself!

(Konrad throws a cushion angrily at Charlotte)

Charlotte: Ow! Did you see that Gran?!

Nana Margret: Yes. Konrad, that is not a nice thing to do! Be nice, she is your sister.

Konrad rolls his eyes.

Charlotte is making tea in kitchen whilst Konrad is looking through Nana Margret things.

Charlotte: Konrad, stop looking through Nan’s things!

Konrad: What are these?

Charlotte: Why does Nana have pictures of random people?

Konrad: Nana, what are these?

Charlotte gives Nana Margret her tea.

Nana Margret: These –

Sips tea.

Nana Margret: Are all of my memories. All of them have different stories to them.

Charlotte is intrigued with the stories, Konrad is not.

Charlotte: Can you tell us the stories, please?

Konrad: Ugh.

Nana Margret: It would be my pleasure, darling.

Nana Margret is putting photos in order.

Nana Margret: This is my first ever memory; we didn’t have cameras back then, you see, so I had to draw this.

Konrad: A life without cameras? How could you live?! You must be ancient!

Charlotte: Konrad!

Nana Margret: Its alright, dear. Lets begin. When I was eleven, at my school. It was mid-war ,but we were happy in our small village…

Nana Margret holds up the picture. As she does, the lights change. Cross cut to old school yard with wall and American soldiers’ carts.

Scene 2

Young Nana Margret: Oh Beatrice, it’s nearly time! Let’s go to the wall.

Beatrice: (holding her back) Nooo, I want my lunch!

Young Nana Margret: But American sweets are better than stupid jam sandwiches.

Beatrice: (rolls her eyes) Ohhh. Fine.

Cart drives past and soldiers chuck sweets at the children.

Beatrice and Young Nana Margret: Thank you!

Scene 3

Nana Margret, Charlotte and Konrad come on stage. They all sit on an orange sofa, Charlotte and Konrad sit on the arms of the chair.

Nana Margret is weeping about Beatrice her long lost friend. Charlotte is comforting Nana Margret


Nana Margret: And that is the last time I saw Beatrice, she was such a great friend. We chuckled so much.

Nana starts laughing, remembering a memory with Beatrice.


Konrad: (whispering to Charlotte) What does chuckling mean?


Charlotte: It means laughing, stupid!


Nana Margret: I was just chuckling about the time when me and Beatrice scoffed our faces with the American candy and they told us to not have to much or we would be sick. Five minutes later, guess what we did?


Charlotte: You threw up?


Konrad: It’s a rhetorical question, doufus!


Charlotte: (sarcastically) Well I’m sorry!


Nana Margret: No need to fight! Do you want to hear more stories?

Charlotte: Yes, please! We’ll stop fighting, I promise.


Nana Margret: This is the second drawing I did. I was 15 and this, you might want to cover your ears Konrad. (whispering to Charlotte) Was my first ever boyfriend.

Nana Margret is laughing as the setting changes again to mirror image two.