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Another day on Woodborough Road. The builders are building the houses.

Gary: Bleedin’ hell, what’s that rank stench?

Bob: Have you followed through?

Gary: Ew, no!

Toby: Oi, what is that person over there twitching for?

All three of them walk up to it and are shocked of what they see. It’s a zombie.

Billy and Bobby’s house in Ransom Road. Living room.

Billy: (shouting) Mum, can we go to Planet Bounce today?

Bobby: Yeah Mum, please can we go? I will be as good as gold.

Billy: We both will, Mummy. Please?

Mum: Okay. But you have to do your chores when we get home.

Billy and Bobby: (hugging mum) Thank you, Mummy!

Billy, Bobby and Mum put their shoes on and start to walk to Planet Bounce. There is a loud bang.

Billy: What was that?!

Bobby: Mummy, I’m really scared! 

Mum: Do you still want to go to Planet Bounce, or shall we go home?

Billy and Bobby: (they think about it) Yeah!

Inside Planet Bounce. Billy and Bobby are jumping on the trampolines. A hand reaches up and grabs Billy’s leg.

Billy: Oh my god! What was that?!

Bobby: What’s wrong?!

Billy: Something just touched my leg!

Bobby jumps over to help Billy, and a zombie reaches up and tries to drag him under the trampoline.

Billy: Help, help! My brother is being dragged down by a zombie!

Bobby manages to pull himself up over the trampoline, but a whole bunch of zombies rise up after him. They all start running towards Victoria Centre.

Billy: Quick! Everyone run into town!

Bobby: Grab anything you can find and beat the zombies!

Stranger 1: Look, I found a pistol shop. Quick, get in!

Stranger 2: Everyone go across the bridge! I think that’s the safe side. I can see the guards and food and water.

There is a loud bang, and a bomb drops more zombies out of the sky. There are zombies everywhere. Some are falling down and their faces are peeling off like a banana.

Mum: Where’s Bobby and Billy?!

Bobby and Billy: Help!

Mum: Where are you?!

Bobby and Billy: Near Costa!

Mum rushes over to them, and is shocked to see Billy’s arm and leg has been bitten off by zombies. He turns into a zombie, and Bobby has to shoot Billy in the head. Mum then shoots herself in her head to be with her son.

Stranger 1: Look, the doors are open to the bridge!

Everyone runs across the bridge to safety.