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(At the start we are introduced to Caroline a 34 year old woman who lives at home with her husband and 2 children)


Caroline-(introducing the play) Hello men and women, boys and girls. I’m about let you in on the most horrific thing that happened to me! It all started when I was 13, would you like me to change the words to more modern words so you understand it better?

Audience: (all together) YEAH

(We see Caroline watching television eating loads of junk food. Her mum (sally) enters)

Sally: (shouting at Caroline) Caroline stop eating all that junk food your dinner will be ready in 15 minutes and you won’t have room for your dinner

Caroline: (shouting back at her mum) Leave me alone your constantly on my back telling me what I can and can’t do.

Sally: (walking into the living room) I’m your mum what do you expect me to do just leave you to go obese and unhealthy

Caroline: Whatever I’m going to my room shout me when dinners done

Sally: You can stay in your room after your dinner if you carry on with your attitude

(10 minutes later)

Caroline: (shouting down the stairs) is dinner done yet?

Sally: (shouting back to her) yes come and get it

Caroline: (walking down the stairs into the kitchen) Mum?

Sally: Yes

Caroline: I’m really sorry for my attitude earlier I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’m just not feeling myself. I’ve just booked an appointment at the doctors for tomorrow at 9:30. Hopefully I will find out why I’m being like this.

Sally: why won’t you talk to me about it and after you’ve told me if there is no way I can deal with it then I will take you

Caroline: no mum it’s too embarrassing for me I just want to go talk to the doctor about it because they’ll know what’s wrong

Sally: okay I won’t force you but you know you can always come and talk to me about anything

Caroline: (walking off into the living room, eating her dinner) im not going school because I will have to leave straight away for the doctors

Sally: Hey Caroline.

Caroline: Yes mum

Sally: I will come with you if you like

Caroline: (starting to cry) Yeah that will be nice, if I do find out any bad news hopefully I won’t but it will be good to have my mum there.

Sally: You won’t be getting any bad news okay now cheer up eat your dinner and we will nip shop after you’ve finished and get you some ice-cream and a film, if you like

Caroline: That’ll be great mum thanks

Sally: I’ll go get changed and get my bag ready

Caroline: okay can you bring me my coat and flats down please?

Sally: which flats?

Caroline: My black flats please

Sally: Okay.


(The next day they went to the doctors)

Sally: You go and sit down whilst I sign you in

Caroline: I’ll go and find us a seat, we’re on time anyway so hopefully we won’t be here long

(Sally is whispering information to the receptionist)

Sally: (Whispering to Caroline) Caroline come here

Caroline: Coming.

Sally: The kind man would like to ask you a few questions

Steve (the man behind the counter): Hi I’m Steve and I’m just going to ask you a few quick questions nothing to worry about it’s just what the doctor needs to know.

Caroline: (nodding along with Steve) Yes that’s fine

Steve: Okay so, do you smoke?

Caroline: No

Sally: You better not!!

Caroline: Mum could you just go and sit down I don’t want you butting into every answer?

Sally: Okay, but hurry along though because the quicker were done here the quicker we can go home

Caroline: I will

Steve: Are you pregnant?

Caroline: Nope (with a weird look on her face)

Steve: Sorry I know these questions are weird but we have to ask them

Caroline: no it’s fine it’s just I…

Steve: (cutting in) Oh you don’t have to explain yourself if you say you’re not pregnant then that’s what I will put.

Caroline: Thanks Steve

Steve: Okay next question… Do you drink?

Caroline: No

Steve: Does your family have any medical history?

Caroline: what do you mean by that?

Steve: Well, does any of your family have the same problem as you?

Caroline: (her mood changes) How would I know it’s not a question I would just go round asking!

Steve: I’m sorry I just have to ask these questions

Caroline: (still being rude) whatever, how many more questions are there?

Steve: just one

Caroline: thank god (muttering)

Steve: (getting upset himself but trying not to show it) I’m sorry if I’m upsetting you

Caroline: It’s fine now the last question was?

Steve: Do you have these troubles in a certain period of time?

Caroline: Yeah like once a month for like 4 to 5 days

Steve: (filling out sheet) Okay, thanks now you can go and take a seat and the doctor will be with you shortly.

Caroline: You’re welcome, how long do you think the doctor will be?

Steve: I’m not sure

Caroline: Are they a man or women

Steve: A man if that’s all right

Caroline: (walking off) yes that’s fine

Sally: (waving/shouting to Caroline) OVER HERE

Caroline: Yes mum I can see you


Caroline: You don’t need to shout I’m not that far away from you calm down

Sally: OKAY

Caroline: You’re still doing it

Sally: SORRY


Sally: (winding her up) well you’re doing it now!

Caroline: Don’t mum okay I’m not in the mood

Sally: What’s wrong? Is it that man? What did he say?

Caroline: Give me chance to speak!!

Sally: (standing up) do I have to go over there?

Caroline: (grabbing her arm) Mum sit down

Sally: okay fine but what’s wrong?

Caroline: I don’t know I would tell you if I could I hope the doctor finds out what’s wrong

Sally: Well hopefully they won’t be long

Caroline Yeah, sometime today would be—

Doctor: (cutting in to Caroline) Caroline Richardson please

Caroline: Yes that’s me

Sally: do I have to come in with her?

Doctor: It’s up to Caroline

Caroline: I’ll be fine, you just wait out here

Sally: (opening her book again) okay then but if you need me I’ll be out here waiting

Caroline: thanks, whilst I’m in there could you get me some chocolate and a drink please?

Sally: yes sure I’ll go now


Doctor: Come this way

Caroline: (walking in front) will I need any needles or anything?

Doctor: I don’t think so

Caroline: (with a sigh of relief) good because I’m scared of needles

Doctor: Looks like you’re in luck then

Caroline: Yes it does

Doctor: (pointing to the room) the room is to your left

Caroline: Okay

Doctor: I think I will need to run a few tests, is that alright?

Caroline: Yes that’s fine I will do anything to find out what’s wrong with me

Doctor: It’s not very often I hear the younger generation say that

Caroline: Yes mum brought me up to be a brave young lady

Doctor: well she’s done a good job

Caroline: she’ll be pleased to hear that

Doctor: does you’re mum love compliments then?

Caroline: (walking into the room) yes, sometimes she’s very over the top about them

Doctor: (laughing) thought she might

Caroline: (laughing) yeah

Doctor: (closing the door) okay right enough talking about your mum and let’s talk about you

Caroline: sure

Doctor: take a seat were ever you want, except from my chair

Caroline: Obviously

Doctor: Okay let’s get started, explain to me what’s been going on

Caroline: Well it all started about 4 months ago—

Doctor: (cutting in on Caroline) Why didn’t you come sooner

Caroline: I thought it would just go but it hasn’t

Doctor: never leave it too late because sometimes it’s too late to get rid of your problem

Caroline: do you think I will ever get rid of this?

Doctor: well I don’t know because I need to run some tests

Caroline: I hope we can sort it out because it really hurts

Doctor: what do you mean it really hurts?

Caroline: well once a month for 4/5 days my stomach really hurts and I bleed

Doctor: Bleed?

Caroline: Yes

Doctor: do you bleed out of your vagina?

Caroline: Yes how do you know?

Doctor: seen it before but I’ll still have to run some tests

Caroline: when?

Doctor: Right now

Caroline: Is that a bad thing

Doctor: no

Caroline: okay good

Doctor: you’re going to have to lie down on the bed and roll up your top so I can get to your stomach

Caroline: Okay

Doctor: I’m going to put some gel on your stomach it’s going to be cold and try stay as still as you can

Caroline: Okay I’ll try

Doctor: (walking off into the back room) okay, let me just get the equipment

Caroline: (laying on the table, rolling her top up) okay

(Silence in the room for 15 seconds)

Doctor: (walking back into the main room) so I’m just going to set it up and I’ll be ready in as second

Caroline: (making her top neat) okay take as long as you need

Doctor: (looking at Caroline) oh great you’re ready

Caroline: yeah, is this okay

Doctor: yeah that’s fine

Caroline: will I have to lay here for long

Doctor: I don’t think so

Caroline: (looking a little sad) okay

Doctor: what’s wrong?

Caroline: I’m just really scared in case it’s something really bad]

Doctor: I don’t think it will be bad news

Caroline: good

Doctor: Listen you shouldn’t have this much stress at your age

Caroline: School’s pretty stress full too

Doctor: I know how you feel but it’s worth it

Caroline: I hope so

Doctor: It is I promise

Caroline: Good

Doctor: Okay it’s all set up now stay as still as possible

Caroline: I’ll try

Doctor: I don’t think this one is as cold as the other ones because it hasn’t been in the back room for long, they got delivered earlier today

Caroline: well at least we know it’s not gone off and it’s going to work

Doctor: yeah there’s that

Caroline: (with an awkward smile on her face) yeah

Doctor: (squirting the gel on her stomach) is it really cold

Caroline: not really

Doctor: (focusing on the screen) okay Caroline this is the inside of your stomach and as I’m looking I can’t really see what’s wrong

Caroline: so nothing’s wrong?

Doctor: I can’t see anything from this angle, let me try a different angle

Caroline: okay

Doctor: tell me if I hurt you and I’ll stop

Caroline: okay

Doctor: So what you got planned for the weekend?

Caroline: Not much I don’t think but I think me and my mum are going out for a meal

Doctor: Ahh that’s nice

Caroline: yeah I like spending time with her it’s nice

Doctor: Is it just you and your mum at home?

Caroline: yeah my dad left when he found out my mum was pregnant with me and I’ve never seen him since

Doctor: (frowning) Oh well that’s—

Caroline: (cutting into the doctor, laughing) you don’t have to explain yourself it’s not as if you’re my dad

Doctor: (laughing) yeah could you imagine

Caroline: that’ll be so weird

Doctor: you think

Caroline: (trying to top it from being awkward) anyway, have you seen anything wrong

Doctor: Unfortunately yes

Caroline: what?

Doctor: It’s nothing to worry about but I’m just going to have to call in my colleague

Caroline: (her voice going weak) okay

Doctor: I won’t be long, don’t move otherwise the gel will run down you and you don’t want that

Caroline: (her eyes tearing up) yeah that won’t be nice

Doctor: (noticing her eyes welling up) are you going to cry?

Caroline: no I just haven’t blinked in a long time

Doctor: okay I’ll be back shortly

Caroline: okay

Doctor: (walking out, shouting) won’t be long

Caroline: (shouting back) OKAY

Caroline: (sat there crying) what’s wrong with me

Caroline: (hearing the doctor come back) (stopping crying)

(Door opening)

Doctor: Caroline meet my colleague Adam

Caroline: Hello Adam

Adam: Hello Caroline

Doctor: okay Adam so would you be able to have a look at this for me please

Adam: yeah sure

Doctor: okay the machine is over here

Adam: okay

Caroline: (looking worried) not the gel again

Adam: (noticing Caroline’s worried face) don’t look so worried

Caroline: It’s just scary not knowing what’s wrong

Adam: It’s should be fine

Caroline: Hopefully

Adam: Well I’ll have a look now and find out what’s up

Caroline: Thank you

Adam: It’s my job

Caroline: I know but I’m sure you’re busy and you’ve took some time out to have a look at me

Adam: (focusing on the machine) yes I am but the doctor said he needed me so I didn’t really have a choice

Caroline: (frowning) oh okay then

Adam: as I’m looking I can’t exactly tell what it is that’s wrong but not to alarm you but something is wrong…….

Caroline: (her eyes welling up again) what??

Adam: I’m afraid you’re going to have to go to somewhere you might not want too

Caroline: Do I have to?

Adam: Yeah it’s what’s best for you

Caroline: Okay will my mum come with me

Adam: I’m afraid not

Caroline: (fully crying) But, but I need my mum

Adam: yeah I know but once you’re in there you’ll be fine

Caroline: no I need her I’m not going she only has me and my mamma

Adam: you won’t be in there long only a few years

Caroline: Definitely not if I can’t see my mum for years

Adam: If you want to get better you will have to

Caroline: Of course I want to get better but I need my mum

Adam: you will meet new people there and you’ll forget all about your mum


Adam: I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry

Caroline: I’m leaving now I don’t want to be here anymore

Adam: at least take the leaflet and think about it

Caroline: fine but you won’t change my mind

Adam: you never know you might another young girl had the same attitude as you and she’s in there now she’s been there for a while now

Caroline: but I’m not like the other young girls I’m an independent girl, I have my own personality

Adam: Yeah I know but I’m just saying

Caroline: yeah well don’t “just say”

Adam: I’ll just call the other doctor

Caroline: no need like I said I’m going

Adam: please just let the other doctor talk to you

Caroline: no I need my mum

Adam: okay but you might have a phone call in a few days asking if you have changed your mind and the doctor may want to speak to your mum

Caroline: whatever but if we don’t answer don’t bother calling back

Adam: I won’t be me calling so I can’t really promise anything

Caroline: (walking out) I hate you and don’t expect me back

Adam: look Caroline: I’m really sorry if I upset you but you needed to be told

Caroline: (walking off) goodbye Adam, you can shove your offer


Sally: you okay?

Caroline: (wiping her eyes) yeah I’m fine I’ll tell you everything at home

Sally: okay, do you want your drink and chocolate?

Caroline: yes please

Sally: here I kept it cold

Caroline: thanks mum I appreciate it

Sally: its fine I just thought you won’t want a warm drink and melted chocolate

Caroline: yeah that wouldn’t be very nice would it?

Sally: no it wouldn’t

Caroline: exactly

Sally: so when you was in the doctor’s room I seen him go get another doctor is everything okay?

Caroline: Not exactly but I will explain everything to you when we get home! Can we talk about something else?

Sally: Yeah sure. Okay right, what would you like for your dinner?

Caroline: Well do you know how you love me?

Sally: yeah

Caroline: then can we have takeaway please?

Sally: I suppose so to cheer you up

Caroline: thank you mum

Sally: your welcome but don’t think every time you’re upset you’ll get takeaway

Caroline: I won’t

Sally: good

Caroline: so what kind of takeaway are we getting?

Sally: you decide

Caroline: thanks can we have…

Sally: let me guess you want to go to the pub with the lake

Caroline: you said it

Sally: well if that’ll shut you up for a bit then that’s okay

Caroline:  it will thanks

Sally: you’re very welcome

Caroline: mum?

Sally: yes

Caroline: I’ve been thinking…

Sally: yes

Caroline: can we just eat in instead please?

Sally: if that’s what you want to do then that’s what we will do

Caroline: thanks

Sally: I’m guessing you still want some sort of takeaway though

Caroline: yes please

Sally: do you want me to collect it or do you want it ordering to the house

Caroline: well I had a plan whilst you go to get the food I can make the living room all comfy for us and I’ll set up any film you like if that’s okay with you?

Sally: yeah that’s fine

Caroline: so what film do you want to watch?

Sally: something funny….. A comedy

Caroline: yeah that sounds good something to cheer us up

Sally: cheer US up what do you mean?

Caroline: well like I said mum the news isn’t all that great and I have to make a crucial decision

Sally: well let’s hope you make the right one then ay

Caroline: well you’re involved in this crucial decision so let’s hope we both make the best decision for us both

Sally: by the sound of things this news is something big

Caroline: you can say that

Sally: okay well let’s talk about it at home

Caroline: yeah

(A few minutes later of awkward silence)

Sally: how about we talk about the food to lighten the mood?

Caroline: (with an awkward smile on her face) thought you’d never ask

Sally: when we get home it should be round about 5:30pm so I’ll get cleaned up a bit have a bath and we’ll order the food

Caroline: yeah sounds good

Sally: good then


(10 minutes later, they are home and having the chat about the doctors)

Sally: right then what was the whole doctor’s thing about then?

Caroline: well the original doctor checked me over and said everything seems fine but he just needed to check with his colleague, so I was sat there waiting for quite a little bit, then the other doctor came in and checked me over and said there is something wrong but he don’t know what it is and he needs to send me away for a few years and I won’t be able to see you except from when you visit and they will help me but then he was acting really weird—

Sally: (cutting in on Caroline) what do you mean acting weird?

Caroline: well he told me that I will forget all about you because I will meet new people

Sally: (trying to speak but can’t) we…. wha….. He…….

Caroline: I’m surprised you didn’t hear me because I was shouting so loudly at him

Sally: I heard someone shouting that sounded like you but I didn’t realise it was you otherwise I would have come in

Caroline: yeah I got really upset about it

Sally: I’m not surprised

Caroline: I told him to shove his offer

Sally: well you sure get your attitude from me

Caroline: what do you think I should do?

Sally: whatever is going to help you get better, and you never know you could get better sooner and come out early

Caroline: possibly but I want to be able to see you every day and see you every night before I sleep

Sally: yes I know love

Caroline: I don’t see why you can’t be there with me the whole time you’ll help me get better

Sally: I’m not a professional sweetie so I can’t, and don’t think I won’t be calling/visiting everyday

Caroline: good but what if I don’t get better and I’m there for the rest of my life and I die along in there

Sally: don’t talk silly Caroline you won’t before you know it you’ll be back out as soon as you’re better and if you ever want to come out I can always discharge you from there

Caroline: you can do that?

Sally: of course I can it’s only like discharging you from hospital

Caroline: (looking and reaching into her bag) he also gave me this

Sally: (taking the leaflet off her) what is it?

Caroline: it’s a leaflet showing you what it’s like

Sally: shall we have a proper look later or do you want to get it out of the way now?

Caroline: (thinking for a few minutes) can we have a look later please?

Sally: yeah sure I’ll put it on the fire and we’ll have a look later

Caroline: so mum?

Sally: yeah

Caroline: IF I go in there where will you go because I don’t want to be on your own?

Sally: I will have to move back in with mamma for a while and we both will visit you

Caroline: I hope IF I do go in I won’t be in there for long

Sally: you don’t have to keep saying IF like that you know you can just say if normally

Caroline: I know but I don’t want it to sound like I’ve made my decision

Sally: I doesn’t it just makes you sound like you’re saying a sentence properly

Caroline: okay then I’ll just say if

Sally: thank you

Caroline: you’re welcome

Sally: why don’t I go order the food whilst you get the living room looking and feeling comfy?

Caroline: yeah okay

Sally: (walks out of the room) use mine and your quilts then it’ll be even more comfy

Caroline: (following her) are we sharing a sofa or are we laying on different ones

Sally: (looking for takeaway leaflet) we can share if you want

Caroline: (walking upstairs) okay shall I get the film whilst I’m up there?

Sally: yeah get on with Kevin Heart in

Caroline: will do


Caroline: (walking in her mums bedroom) mum? You in there?

Sally: yeah, won’t be long

Caroline:  mum are you okay? Are you crying?

Sally: (wiping her eyes and making it look like she wasn’t crying) no I’m fine

Caroline: mum, I can see you crying!

Sally: it’s just…

Caroline: it’s just what

Sally: I just love you so much and I feel like it’s all my fault you’re having to go through this

Caroline: (sitting on her mums bed) mum none of this is your fault okay

Sally: I feel like it is and I’m really sorry

Caroline: (hugging her mum) listen this isn’t your fault

Sally: (hugging Caroline back) it is

Caroline: (putting her mums face in front of hers) Listen to me IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT

Sally: thank you Caroline, what did I ever do to get such a wonderful daughter like you?

Caroline: I learnt it from the best

Sally: who?

Caroline: you obviously

Sally: I know I just wanted you to say it

Caroline: how did I know?

Sally: because I learnt it from you

Caroline: I’m not going to lie you probably did


Sally: I’m guessing the food’s here then

Caroline: I’ll get it and you get into your pyjamas

Sally: (getting money out of her purse) okay here’s some money to pay for it

Caroline: (taking the money of her mum) thank you


Caroline: I’M COMING


Caroline: hello

Delivery man: hello did you order from Mario’s?

Caroline: yes, how much do you need?

Delivery man: £20 please

Caroline: here, £20, here you go

Delivery man: thankyou

Caroline: you’re welcome

Delivery man: have a good night and enjoy your pizza

Caroline: thanks, oh and here’s a tip

Delivery man: thank you, enjoy your evening (he turns to leave)

Caroline: you too, bye

Delivery man: Bye

(Door closes)

Sally: (shouting down to Caroline) WAS THAT THE FOOD?

Caroline: (shouting back up to her mum) YES, I GAVE HIM A TIP I HOPE YOU DON’T MIND

Sally: (still shouting) NO IT’S FINE, I’LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE

Caroline: (also still shouting) OKAY

(Caroline is setting out the food whilst her mum is putting the film on)


Sally:  (turning the tele off) so has the film cheered you up?

Caroline: (smirking) yeah it has thanks

Sally: good, right Mrs I think someone needs to go to sleep we’ve got a big day tomorrow

Caroline: but mum I’m not tired yet

Sally: (yawing) but you won’t have an energy for tomorrow

Caroline: (a bit defeated) okay mum

Sally: right anyway goodnight, love you

Caroline: love you too

Sally: goodnight

Caroline: goodnight


Sally: good morning, did you have a good sleep?

Caroline: (stretching) yes thank you, what about you?

Sally: yeah it was good thanks, so how long after I went up did it take you to fall asleep?

Caroline: not long, did it take you long to go sleep?

Sally: not that long actually I think I was just so tired I went out like a light

Caroline: yeah I think it took me about 10 minutes to go sleep after you went up

Sally: so not long then

Caroline: nope

Sally: what do you want for your breakfast?

Caroline: what are you having?

Sally: I might just have some toast

Caroline: I will then make it easy

Sally: you can have something different if you want I don’t mind making you something different

Caroline: what cereal do we have?

Sally: Those chocolatey ones I think

Caroline: yeah I’ll have some of them please

Sally: are you sure?

Caroline: yes

Sally: okay then I’ll go make you some now

(Sally goes off stage and shouts through to Caroline)

Caroline: thanks

Sally: it’s okay you stick channel 28 on

Caroline: okay then

(Sally comes back in)

Sally: okay so what on?

Caroline: just the same old stuff

Sally: okay

Caroline: (passing her mum the remote) you can have it I won’t know if you want to turn over or anything

Sally: (passing her the cereal) here you go get that down you, and thanks

Caroline: thanks

Sally: you’re welcome

(After about half an hour of watching tele and eating cereal)

Sally: so have you thought about if you’re going to go the hospital or?

Caroline: I knew you was going to ask me sooner or later

Sally: so… (The phone rings)

Caroline: that’s probably them they said they was going to call

Sally: (answering the phone and walking off) hello can I ask whose calling?

Caroline: (smirks because her mum is being really polite)

Caroline: was it them?

Sally: (Looking sad) yes

Caroline: (Changing her tune) what’s wrong?

Sally: (Starting to cry) well they said you have no choice but to go because the doctor spoke to the mental asylum and they said you have to go along with the other “weird kids”. I went crazy on the phone and they said they’ll be here in about 2 hours to collect you so you have time to get your belongings ready

Caroline: (crying) I don’t want to go

Sally: I’m sorry I tried everything I could but they said you have to go

Caroline: (Still crying) what am I supposed to do without you?

Sally: look, mamma and I are going to be there every day ringing you and visiting you don’t worry

Caroline: yeah I know but I need you

Sally: it’s not going to feel the same I know but it’s got to be done we can’t just run away can we?

Caroline: (calming down) Brilliant idea mum, like you said they’ll be here to get me in 2 hours so we can pack all our things and we can go

Sally: I don’t that’ll work

Caroline: it will if we hurry up, so chop chop, come on mum please

Sally: Caroline listen it’s going to be okay we can’t run away, you’ll be fine in there and you’ll have lots of new friends and you’ll have loads of fun in there!

Caroline: I will have loads of fun here too

Sally: Caroline look it’s not up for debate you HAVE to go, it’s for the best you’ll go in there there’ll be professionals there to look after you and they’ll have loads of things like medicines that I can’t give you, you will be fine in there I promise

Caroline: but mum?

Sally: no buts Caroline, now come on we need to get your belongings and everything you’ll need in there

Caroline: (leaping into her mums arms) please don’t let them take me away

Sally: (hugging Caroline back) you’re going to get better. If it thought you was fine I would have run away with you but I can’t, you need this

Caroline: (crying) I love you so much mum

Sally: (starting to cry) I love you too princess

(After a long hug they both get up and start packing Caroline’s things)

(The doorbell rings)


Sally: I think that’s them

Caroline: (being sarcastic) time flies when you’re having fun right

Sally: (Shouting to the people outside) I’M COMING

Caroline: (muttering) I’m scared

Sally: pardon?

Caroline: oh sorry I was talking away at myself reminding myself I need me toothbrush

Sally: (walking to the door) okay sweetie


Sally: hello

Officer: Hello, were here to collect Caroline to go to the asylum

Sally: okay one second (shouting up to Caroline) CAROLINE, THEY’RE HERE

Officer: So you’re expecting us then?

Sally: yeah I got a phone call telling me you was coming in 2 hours

Officer: okay then

Sally: sorry, she won’t be long

Officer: no need to apologise it’s fine

Sally: would you like me to go see where she is?

Officer: no it’s fine (trying to lighten up the mood) well at least you haven’t thrown anything at me

Sally: (fake smiling) yeah

Officer: let me guess did she have plans to run away?

Sally: (giving him a weird look) how did you know

Officer: all of the girls have the same thoughts

Sally: okay, would you like to come inside, I’ve just realised I’ve left you outside?

Officer: yes please

Sally: right this way

(They walk into the living room as Caroline comes down the stairs)

Sally: Caroline come in here with me and the officer and we will all have a chat

Officer: (still trying to lighten the mood) I don’t bite

Caroline: (being rude) K

Sally: Caroline pack it in right now!

Officer: no it’s fine I deal with this kind of behaviour every day

Caroline: (to the officer) I’m sorry

Sally: good girl

Officer: thank you for the apology

Caroline: you’re welcome

(They all sit in the living room)

Officer: so I’m guessing you have questions?

Sally: yes, will I be able to see her every day?

Officer: yes

Sally: what happens when she gets there?

Officer: well we have someone waiting to show her around and she’ll be sharing a room with them

Sally: okay, how many times a day will she be eating?

Officer: well she’ll have proper meals 3 times a day, and she can snack during them

Sally: that’s good

Officer: yeah it is, and that’s not the best part

Sally: what is?

Officer: Well, 3 times a year asylum goes on a trip where ever you want

Sally: that sound great, are you listening to this Caroline?

Caroline: yes

Sally: good

Officer: so what do you think?

Sally: I think it sounds good, what about you Caroline?

Caroline: whatever

Sally: right Caroline I know you don’t want to go but it will be better than it sounds

Caroline: he’s probably lying about it all

Sally: I’m sure he’s not

Officer: I’m not

Sally: see

Caroline: don’t believe what he says because he’s probably just trying to act all nice so you let him take me away and then when I get there it’ll be so terrible

Sally: Caroline you better pack it in right now

Officer: look I’m not you should believe me

Caroline: well sorry I don’t

Officer: look I know you don’t want to go but we need to go right about now

Sally: Caroline think you should go if it’s going to help you and you’ll be out as soon as your better and everything will be okay now come on the sooner you get in there the sooner you’ll get out

Caroline: It’s like you want me to go or something

Sally: I do so you get better

Caroline: I can recover at home

Sally: you can’t because like I said I don’t have anything that can heal you the asylum does

Officer: look Caroline I know it’s hard but we really need to get going

Caroline: fine I’m coming it’s not like mum wants me here anyway

Sally: of course I want you here but I want you to get better more

Caroline: I’m going to miss you so much mum

Sally: I’m going to miss you more

Caroline: well hopefully they make me better quickly because I can’t stand a night without you let alone over a year

Officer: it’s going to be okay

Caroline: I know you’ve said it like 4 times now

Officer: sorry but I just want you to know that you’ll be okay

Sally: he’s just supporting you

Caroline: I know I’m sorry

Officer: it’s okay, right come on then Caroline

Caroline: I’m coming


(They are in the asylum and Caroline has been showed round by Amber and now they are in the bedroom)

Amber: so I’m guessing the officer lied to you telling you a load of lies

Caroline: yup, I’m guessing he does that to everyone

Amber: you think! He makes up loads of different lies each times he collects someone. I wonder when he will run out of lies

Caroline: probably never

Amber: yeah well I just hate the fact that he lied to my parents faces

Caroline: yeah I know how you feel

Amber: so he lied to your mum and dad too?

Caroline: no just my mum

Amber: so your dad wasn’t there to say goodbye?

Caroline: my dad’s never there because he left when he found out my mum was pregnant with me

Amber: well I’m sure he made a VERY BIG mistake because I’m sure you’re a lovely person

Caroline: you wouldn’t be saying that if you saw me with my best friend

Amber: was it hard saying goodbye to your best friend?

Caroline: well she left quite a while ago and I don’t know where she is but her and her family have moved

Amber: I know how you feel I had to leave my best friend too, she doesn’t know I’m in here because my family have moved house and I’m in here1

Caroline: (awkwardly) it’s all most like you’re my long lost best friend

Amber: well now you bring that up I do have something to tell you

Caroline: (a bit suspicious) what?

Amber: well I am your long lost best friend

Caroline: (shocked) what?!?!

Amber: yeah

Caroline: are you being serious

Amber: yeah I’ve been wanting to get hold of you for ages and tell you where I am

Caroline: I wish you had and I would have told my doctor sooner

Amber: the worst mistake of my life was telling my doctor

Caroline: yeah same but then I wouldn’t have re-united with you

Amber: we need to find a way to get out of here

Caroline: but won’t they notice we’ve gone?

Amber: I need to tell you a secret

Caroline: go on

Amber: right well we have a secret club because there are quite a few of us that are going through the same thing, so I made a club we’ve called our “problem” the thing! A few people go out on the night and start putting up different things that will get us out of here!

Caroline: right so 2 people sneak out and protest a little and eventually it’s going to get us out of here?

Amber: yeah and it’ll be great if you joined and helped us

Caroline: it sounds a bit shady

Amber: its fine we’ve been doing it for years

Caroline: well…

Amber: are you in?

Caroline: oh whatever but we better not get caught

Amber: we won’t we never do!

Caroline: if you’re sure

Amber: I am, oh and I forgot to tell you!

Caroline: tell me what?

Amber: we are doing all these little protests to make one big one

Caroline: how are 2 people going to pull off the biggest protest?

Amber: no that’s when we all sneak out, one by one

Caroline: we’ll definitely get caught on that one surely

Amber: we won’t relax

Caroline: you seem a bit too sure of your self

Amber: I am because if we all work hard enough we can pull it off

Caroline: okay but this is really risky

Amber: I know but do you really want to be suck in here for the rest of your life?

Caroline: oh hell no

Amber: exactly

Caroline: right well I’m going to get some sleep when is this club thing?

Amber: tonight at 2:00 am so make sure you do get a lot of rest

Caroline: so are we going sleep now?

Amber: no after dinner which is….

(Amber is checking the time)

Amber: Now

Caroline: already

Amber: yes because they make us go bed at 7 so dinner is at 6

Caroline: 7 o’clock?

Amber: yeah I know ridiculous

Caroline:  yeah I really wish I was just normal like when we was kids

Amber: yeah like when we used to prank my dad in the middle of the night and used to put spiders on his head and he used to scream the house down

Caroline: (laughing) yeah that was so funny can you remember he found one in his sandwich

Amber: yeah he was lucky we only used to use fake ones

Caroline: yeah imagine if we used real ones he’d have a heart attack

Amber: he probably would

Caroline: (smiling) there the good days

Amber: (smiling) yeah

(They both sit there smiling for a few minutes)

Amber: anyway we’re going to be late for dinner and we will get the left overs

Caroline: let’s go then

Amber: yeah we need to run so don’t fall

Caroline: I’ll try


(They are in the canteen and it’s noisy)













Amber: (mocking Caroline) IAM A GIRL MEMEMEME









Caroline: (swallowing the last bite) OKAY, I’M FINISHED WE CAN GO




Caroline: URGHHHHH


Amber: right we need to rest up for later so don’t spend long faffing about

Caroline: (trying to catch her breath) I’m going to sleep now I’m really tired

Amber: you will be later as well if you don’t go sleep now!

Caroline: (just got her breath back) Amber you need to calm down we’ve not long been in the room

Amber: well I just like to be organised and on time with everything

Caroline: I know that but you need to chill out

Amber: sorry

Caroline: it’s okay

Amber: the officer will be round in a minute to check if we’re in here and he’ll lock us in

Caroline: so how will we get out?

Amber: through the vents

Caroline: oh dear so I’ll need to put some old clothes on then?

Amber: yeah like an old tracksuit

Caroline: Okay

Amber: right get in bed and try and sleep as much as you can and we will be ready for tomorrow

Caroline: (getting in bed) so when is the officer going to be here?

Amber: right… about…. Now

Officer: are you two in bed?

Amber and Caroline: yeah

Officer: good and don’t think about trying to escape because the door is locked

Amber and Caroline: we won’t

Officer: good now you little brats if I hear a noise coming from this room then you’ll know about it!

Caroline; oh yeah like what?

Officer: would you like me to show you?

Amber: no we’re both sorry officer we won’t make a sound

Caroline: are we?

Amber: YES

Officer: good now act up like that again and watch what happens

Amber: we won’t sorry

Officer: you better be!

(Officer walks off from the door)

Amber: (whispering) what in God’s name are you playing at?

Caroline: why are you whispering?

Amber: (whispering) would you shut up before he comes back and hurts us

Caroline: (whispering) sorry

Amber: (whispering) you will be if you carry on with your attitude

Caroline: (whispering) right I’m going sleep so goodnight

Amber: (whispering) same


(We see them in a dark room with few torches huddling they are all whispering)

Amber: so everyone meet Caroline

Everyone: hi Caroline

Caroline: (being shy) hi

Amber: she’s a new member of the group and I expect you to treat her like you treat me!

Everyone: we will

Amber: good, who’s going out tonight then?

Holly: me

Josie: and me

Amber: what about tomorrow?

Ariona: me and Madison

Madison: yeah

Amber: okay and who’s on look out?

Scarlet and Chloe: Us

Amber: so we’re all sorted for a couple of nights because Caroline and I will be on watch tomorrow

Everyone: Yeah

Amber: any questions?

Josie: is this your long lost best friend?

Amber: (excitedly) yeah

Josie: glad you found her

Amber: thanks, anymore?

Scarlet: how come she’s coming on watch with you no-one does?

Amber: because I haven’t seen her in years so yeah and I’m the leader so I can do what I want!

Scarlet: it’s a bit unfair

Amber: well you’re paired up with your best friend so case closed!!

Scarlet: fine!

Amber: Good, now anymore questions?

Chloe: (to scarlet) what time are we meeting here tomorrow?

Scarlet: I don’t know I’ll ask Amber

Amber: I heard my name!

Scarlet: oh yes that was me I was just saying I’ll ask you what time we need to meet here tomorrow

Amber: who?

Scarlet: me and Chloe

Amber: oh, around 2:30am

Scarlet: thanks

Amber: you’re welcome, anymore?

Everyone: no

Amber: okay good let’s all go back to bed


(We see them back in there bedroom, in bed)

Caroline: are you always like that?

Amber: like what?

Caroline: well you was quite grumpy and rude

Amber: was I?

Caroline: yeah

Amber: sorry

Caroline: you don’t need to say sorry to me you need to say it to the other girls

Amber: well they’re rude to me

Caroline: not today, if you want them to stay in your group and not to leave and run their mouth then you need to say sorry!

Amber: how am I supposed to go round to every room and apologise?

Caroline: no all you need to do is when we all meet again then make a group apology

Amber: we’re all meeting again in two days

Caroline: well then apologise then!

Amber: (not completely agreeing to it) fine!

Caroline: on a completely unrelated note, what’s for breakfast?

Amber: cereal

Caroline: oh?

Amber: what’s wrong with cereal?

Caroline: I don’t know I don’t really like it

Amber: I know we practically used to live together!

Caroline: I know, I couldn’t get rid of you

Amber: I know but we had so many amazing memories

Caroline: yeah I have to admit that one

Amber: right I’m going sleep now

Caroline: same here

(They both go sleep around 10 minutes later)


(We see Caroline trying to find her mum)

Sally: Aww!

Caroline: what?

Sally: I’ve missed you so much

Caroline: why you lying you know you’ve enjoyed the quiet

Sally: Don’t be ridiculous you know how much I’ve missed you

Caroline: and I’ve missed you too

Sally: when you get out of here, will be the happiest day of my life.

Caroline: yeah mine too

Sally: that makes two of us then

Caroline: yeah, I guess so

Sally: so… you made any new friends in here?

Caroline: yeah, quite a few actually

Sally: really?

Caroline: yeah and guess what?

Sally: what?

Caroline: well can you remember Amber?

Sally: is she the one we could never get rid of?

Caroline: yeah, well she’s in here too

Sally: what’s she in here for?

Caroline: same reason as me so were are trying to find out what it is we have

Sally: have you come up with anything then?

Caroline: I have yeah, but I think it sounds stupid

Sally: tell me and I will tell you if it does or not

Caroline: no, it’s stupid

Sally: (getting annoyed) just tell me

Caroline: well I was thinking we can call it a…

Sally: come on Caroline! Times going to run out

Caroline: well I was thinking of calling it a period

Sally: why period?

Caroline: well because it happens for a certain PERIOD of time

Sally: yeah, that actually makes sense

Caroline: does it sound stupid?

Sally: no not at all

Caroline: Are you sure


Sally: well it looks like I’ve got to love you and leave you now

Caroline: Okay love you bye

Sally: love you two

New scene

(End of meeting)


Amber: so I have something to say before everyone starts talking, I’m really sorry for my attitude last time we had a meeting, I know I was hard on you and I’m going to try and calm my attitude down.

Caroline: See it wasn’t that hard was it

Josie: thanks for the apology

Amber: your welcome, now anyone thought of a name for the “problem”

Josie: meee!

Amber: go on!

Josie: well I thought we could call it ‘that time’

Amber: I’m afraid you’ll have to go into more detail about your idea

Josie: well it always happens at a certain time every month so we can call it ‘that time’

Amber: that’s good… anymore

Caroline: well I did have one but…

Amber: share it with us and then we will decide whether we want yours or Josie’s

Holly: when is this meeting ending because I’m really tired?

Amber: not long as soon as we decide on a name then I will dismiss you

Caroline: I was thinking we could call it a ‘period’ because it’s at a certain period of time and the word ‘period’ doesn’t make it sound weird or disgusting

Amber: that’s good I think we have a clear winner

Holly: who?

Amber: Caroline and please tell me if you object.