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Scene 1

Abi and Sara are both walking side by side next to the pond.

Abi: It’s such a nice day today! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I sound like an idiot.

Sara: There’s a reason for that Abi. You are an idiot.

Sara stops and looks around in confusion.

Sara: Where are we!?

Abi: Oh crap, we went completely the wrong way.

Sara: No, you went the wrong way and you promised that you weren’t going to get us lost. I told you we should never have come here.

Abi: I’m sorry! Don’t worry, we’ll find our way back.

Sara: You do this all the time. You drag me places I don’t want to go and then you completely ruin my day.

Abi: Well… well…

Abi nudges Sara. This turns into a play fight, and the pair pretend to push each other into the pond. As they’re doing this, Abi accidentally falls into the pond.

Abi: Sara!

Sara: (laughing) Serves you right!

Abi: Sara, seriously. There’s something in here, it’s trying to speak and it’s pulling me under!

Sara stops laughing and looks down to realise that Abi is struggling to keep herself afloat.

Sara: Oh my! Don’t worry, I’ll get you out!

Abi screams and waves her arms in despair.

Sara grabs a stick from the ground and attempts to pull her out.

Sara: Hold on, I’ll get you out. Just hold on!

Abi: Ahhh!

After lots of pulling and shouting, Sara finally gets Abi out of the pond and the both sprint back home.

Scene 2

Abi switches on the TV. There’s a breaking news story saying “Dead man found in Martin’s Pond.”

Abi and Sara look at each other in shock.

Sara: Oh crap.

Abi: (pacing) What- whatever or whoever was in that pond was alive. I think we need to talk someone.

Sara: Like who?

Abi: Like the police. Or our parents?!

Sara: Well in case you’ve forgotten I can’t talk to my mum.

Abi: I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it.

Sara: It’s okay, I’m stronger than relying on my mum. I haven’t needed her for thirteen years and I don’t need her now.

Abi: I know. Okay, but what about the police, we could talk to them? My phone’s died, let’s use the home phone.

Sara: Okay.

Abi goes to the phone and as she lifts it up to her ear the cord is cut and a pair of scissors fall at her feet. She drops the phone and runs to Sara.

Sara: Someone’s been in here.

There is a loud bang.

Abi: What was that?